I believe that to unlock and sustain greater success, impact, joy, and fulfillment, 

it's essential to design a thriving life in all areas AND OPTIMIZE YOUR MINDSET.

that's where I come in!

Shining a light on your blind spots, seeing connections, challenging limiting beliefs, speaking the truth, and sharing what I see could be keeping you from thriving and feeling fulfilled in all areas. I'm warm, friendly, and compassionate at the same time!

what I'm known for:

As a former lawyer, I'm no stranger to hard work, but I believe sustainable success is better fueled by being rested, healthy, happy, vibrant, and thriving in your life rather than trying to get there through non-stop hustle, grind, overwork, and overwhelm.  

I'm a professional life coach specializing in lifestyle design and mindset optimization. I'm also kind of a nerd when it come to productivity, small business, and making an impact on the world with your gifts and talents. 


I'm Erin

I thought I'd landed my dream job. I was a lawyer at one of the best large law firms in the world... until I realized it wasn't my dream, at least not anymore. I was "successful" on paper, but deep down, I wasn't fulfilled. I felt like I was living someone else's dream. (Spoiler: if ya haven't tried that, it isn't very satisfying!)

What I realized along the way is that I enjoy strategy... when it also involves creativity, heart, and connection. So, I made one of the most important decisions I've made in my life. 

I decided nothing was more important than living a life that's true to me - a life of passion, creativity, connection, freedom, fulfillment, and sustainable success. So, I became a professional life coach and entrepreneur.

My days used to look very different than they do now...

I quickly realized how stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked so many passion-driven people were. I can understand why. But I was determined to create a different lifestyle for myself - one where I put my wellbeing and having a thriving, well-rounded life above hours logged. And use it to fuel my success.

Now, I help others figure out how to do the same! My favorite days are when I'm coaching amazing clients and working behind-the-scenes on my business (messy buns included!). This work truly inspires me and lights me up!! Most of the time it doesn't even feel like "work." I love that I get to use both my logical, strategic (aka lawyer-trained) mind and my creative, heart-centered side to serve others and make a positive impact on the world.

my story

That's why I support my clients in creating structure and balance in their life and work, so that everything can flow more easily and feel less overwhelming. It's true, you could keep striving, overworking, ending another day exhausted and unsatisfied, hoping maybe tomorrow you'll wake up and figure out a better way. OR... you could team up with me and we can figure it out now - together! What lights me up most? Empowering people to go after their big dreams and goals and have a deeply satisfying life at the same time. An authentic, joyful, fulfilling life. A life on their terms aligned with their vision, values, priorities, and desires. It's such a joy and an honor to get to serve my clients in this way and to get to see the insights, self-discovery, and transformations they experience! 

I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, stretched too thin, and disconnected when pursuing goals and dreams with such passion. But you don't have to figure it all out alone.

I help my clients connect with their inner wisdom, own who they are and what they want, and go after it with more ease and flow.

I bet this one is no surprise to you! I love a quiet morning spent scribbling my thoughts and dreams into a beautiful Moleskine journal. Journaling helps me process my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, connect to my inner wisdom, and develop my spirituality. It's also fun to be able to look back and see how my journey has unfolded.


NeXT FAVorite

There's nothing quite like sipping a cup of coffee to get the day started (while I'm journaling)! For me, coffee is more about the ritual of it all. (Okay... I admit I like a caffeine boost too!) I prefer my coffee dark and robust - no light roast here!! Whether it's pour over at home or lattes with a friend at a local coffee shop, it's one of those sweet little additions that makes life richer.


NeXT FAVorite

I grew up in a small(ish) town 3 hours south of Chicago, but the city now officially feels like home to me. I love exploring all the different neighborhoods and restaurants, Lincoln Park, the Riverwalk, and Lake Michigan beaches in the summer. Winters may be freezing, but the incredible summers here almost always make up for it!! Despite how big the city is, it still has that friendly Midwestern vibe that I love.


NeXT FAVorite

I discovered my love for strength training in law school after being diagnosed with Narcolepsy and starting treatment. For the first time, I had energy!! I signed up for a personal trainer and it's been my favorite form of exercise ever since. I also love doing yoga with Adriene videos in my living room. (If you haven't tried her free videos, seriously check them out!!)

strength training & YOGA

NeXT FAVorite

In my spare time, I love decorating my home. It's important to me that my home is a place where I feel inspired, relaxed, creative, and cozy. I believe the aesthetic of our home can enhance our energy, creativity, and joy. My favorite colors to decorate with are coastal blues, bright whites, and peachy pinks, as you can tell by this site!! They're calming and inspiring to me! I also love candles & picture frames.

home decorating

NeXT FAVorite

My love for cooking comes from my mom! Watching her cook healthy, delicious meals in our kitchen growing up inspired me to experiment and develop my own cooking skills. I rarely follow a recipe - I toss in a little of this and a little of that! My mom taught me to play and experiment in the kitchen and that there are really no "mistakes," only opportunities to learn and tweak for next time. It's a great metaphor for life! 


next favorite

a few of my favorite things...

Some of the TRUTHS I LIVE BY:

There is beauty in keeping things simple.
Just because you could do more, doesn't mean you should.
We never regret engaging with what inspires us.
Your dreams are significant, no matter the size. 
It's okay to change your mind.
Fulfillment begins with clarity.
Speak your truth. 
You are enough.

MY Mission:

To be voice for a healthier, happier, more sustainable way of pursuing success and making an impact that sees your wellbeing as more important to your success than hours logged. To help my clients gain powerful insights. To be an advocate for their truth, helping them discover how to connect with their inner wisdom and all of the greatness within them. To be a source of love, light and truth and to serve as a catalyst for my clients to discover their own insights and become more aware and awake. 

I provide one-on-one life coaching services with a holistic approach because let's be honest... life, work, mindset, even relationships... it's all related, especially when you're passion-driven and want to make an impact on the world with your gifts and talents. When you work with me, we dive deep - unpacking the stuff that's been overwhelming you and sorting through the details together. I guide you in shifting your mindsets, talking through decisions, brainstorming new ideas, aligning your life with your vision, priorities, and values and taking action with more clarity, confidence, ease, and flow.

What I do.

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